Pocket 2012

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The web moves fast, we know that. Good things sprout up one day and the next day they’re forgotten, buried beneath the next day’s link-soup, not because they’re better but because they’re new. People of the web have a fascination for new things. New ideas, new people, new rants, new GIFs. Often times we don’t have time to reflect on the old. For us, “old” is yesterday. That article we read once, loved, and tweeted about is sent to the archive where we probably won’t come back to it.

This book is my attempt to preserve all of that. This is, as Frank Chimero would probably put it, my anthology. I’ve gathered around 30 of my favorite writings from 2012 and created an ebook of the collection. This is my way of preserving my favorites on my digital bookshelf and sharing the highlights with everyone on Readmill. More details in the book.